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(If you like finding new sites or places of interest, then come back here daily. I am regularly updating with links to various worthy hotspots. If I'm not creating... then I'm hunting for somewhere new and exciting. The links down the left and across the bottom, are to the pages within the Dragon's website, Most of the links within the main section below are to other websites that have piqued the interest of the Dragon.)
All Gui Gizmos can be found in the downloadz section.

Saturday 13-4-2002

Thought for the day:

Theory of Relativity:
Spend an hour with a hot woman, it seems like a second...

Spend a second in a hot fire, it seems like an hour.

Meet Dragon Tongue's
Female Assistant Machine

She thinks she is real,
what do you think?..

Type your name:

here is another sneek preview of a
little something I'm working on today:

softgrey preview
Plate preview

and here are some other recent(ish) previews:
blu ,
blunt ,
blunt slimline
ChromeXium ,
ChromeXium Down Right Twisted
ChromeXiumTwisted Down Left,
ChromeXium Gold
Chrome com Pewter,
Denim ,
ChromeXium Half Be
Totally Purp
Rumpled Steel Skin
Steel Shine Skin
Talmi Gold,
Talmi Old
Talmi Green
Flat Steel Skin
ChromeXium Copper

All of these are downloadable from the NAUS

How Smart are you?
Find out from the Dragon

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Naroto's Family :

The HL webstie has had a few problems, so the firewire HD is being removed.

Hopefully it will be back up within the week. =)

World Wide Clock:
Current time and date in any country!

Wednesday 13-3-2002

Thought for the day:

Life is just a bowl of Allbran...
You wake up in the morning and it's there.

well... I've completed another few schemes:
32 'ChromeXium Twisted Down Left'
(a left handed version of the DownRight Twisted version)

33 'Denim' (this one you have to see!)
see the sneak preview here.

Sunday 10-2-2002

Thought for the day:

I'll be here if you need me....
I'll still be here if you think you find you don't need me.

the Icon competition has started.
I have entered in the 3D section

Paper iMacs :
For anyone looking for the cutout Paper iMacs, go to my Downloads section, then choose 'Etc'

Well, the 'Older than Time' still hasn't made it to the light of day yet, but others have.
But I have a few other new schemes available here

These include:
28 Blunt view
29 Blunt slimline
30 Chrome com'Pewter
31 Totally Purp

Here are a couple of new ideas that I'm playing with:


Friday 12-1-2002

Thought for the day:

Censors are people who know more
than they think you ought to.

Schemes :
26 'ChromeXium the Half Be', and
27 'ChromeXium Down Right Twisted', are now at the Naus waiting for the next Archive release.
I am unsure whether 28 'Older than Time' (Talmi Green) is going to be released... It doesn't feel quite right yet.

Mac News :

Flash :
StarWars Gangster Rap

Myth :
I have just noticed that the Mill is back online, and Myth III is now available for Mac.
Myth Village is also a good source of info.

Duality 3 is out for theme changing. It is one of three osX theme changing systems under developement. I don't think any of them are totally stable as yet.



Tuesday 09-1-2002

Thought for the day:

The Asteroid missed me!

Movies :
The other day I went to the movies.
It was a lovely day, so I popped into see 'Harry Potter'. Pretty good movie. Two and a haf hours later I walked out and straight back into 'The Lord of the Rings'.Stunning! Three hours later I walked out of that magical world, into the real word of thunder lightening and buckets of rain! What a day. And yes... they are both worth seeing. =)

Asteroid :
An asteroid just missed Earth!
I must have been looking the other way.

New Schemes this year:
I have been a busy little Dragon, working on many new metal schemes. Here is a sneak preview:

19 Talmi Gold,
20 ChromeXium,
21 Flat SteelSkin,
22 Chromium Gold,
23 Chromium Copper,
24 Shine
also completed is:
25 Rumpled SteelSkin

They are available for download at the NAUS.

26 'ChromeXium the Half Be' is also completed but not yet available
27 'Older than Time' (Talmi Green) is nearly complete

Wired :
I have just been mentioned in the Wired Magazine.... but for some reason, they think I'm a woman. Last time I checked... I wasn't.

DT joke :
Where are the Taliban Armies?

Up their Taliban sleevies.

Tuesday 1-1-2002

Thought for the day:

Happy New Year

New Schemes for the New Year:
I have been a busy little Dragon, working on six new metal schemes. Here is a sneak preview:

19 Talmi Gold,
20 ChromeXium,
21 Flat SteelSkin,
22 Chromium Gold,
23 Chromium Copper,

and still to be completed:
24 Shine

The Lord of the Rings is out.
Dragon Tongue lives in New Zealand. New Zealand is Middle Earth.

Somethings take 6 days to create...
some things take much longer.

And it will be said, "It was good."

Looking for hiccups in perfection? ...try Movie-Mistakes

Tired of singing your own praises?
Why not watch someone else at Karaokecam

Eye9Design have some very good icons and schemes

Izawa, a master schemer, is now theming for osX

for anyone wishing to link to this site
you may use this link if you wish.
If you let me know... I am happy to add a link back to your site.

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