Yes I know, the following is Impossible
and somewhat childish...

but it's what I carried around in my head as a 14 yr old boy...

I used to believe it... and I mostly still do.

"Anything is possible... and nothing is a fact."
"The best Ideas will come from those who don't know better"

Time - Surviving End of Universe - Obstacles to Surviving - Alternative Shell Ending to the Universe - Alternative Alternative - Shape of Time - Predicting the Future - Inertia of Time - Reflection of Time - Fullspeed Backwards - Relative Time - From Zero to the Speed of a Lifetime - Inertia of Life - Tardis Factor - Mass - Blackhole - Life of Blackhole - Temp - Shape of the Earth - Continental Drift - Motors - Matter Transfer - Invisibility - Travel - Philosophy - Brain - Artificial Memory- Telepathy - Devolution - Ghosts - Predictions -
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Black Holes - Elastic Time - Ripples in Time - Tacking in Time
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And still more ideas come:

Origins of "Embarrassment" - Concept for story
Ring Modular Personal Assistant
- Can we see Black-Holes?
Older nerve structure

I'm writing this because I noticed that a lot of the ideas I used to have... I have forgotten.

So before I loose any more... I will try to get them on web/paper.

Some of these ideas will make no sense yet.. as they are more to help me remember. I will flesh them out someday.

This page is being continually updated.
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Time: (4thD)

Before the beginning of Time -was the end:

Big Bang... The universe was created at the beginning of time (as we know it). But just before that... was the tail end of an implosion of the previous universe. The creation of our universe was the latest, Mother of all Whiteholes preceded by its Parent, the Father of all Blackholes. This cycle repeats over and over endlessly. Creation of Universe (MoAWH's), expansion of young Universe (where we are now), middle aged Universe (maximum expansion... where universal gravity takes over from initial inertia), Old Universe (Universe shrinking), Death of Universe (FoABH's).

There are two major differences between a black hole, and the end of the universe (other than size).

1 A black hole lives for a long time... (probably until the end of the universe.) Between the end of the Universe and the creation of the next is close to an infinitely short time.

2 A black hole has hyper dense material at its center.

Between the end of one universe and the next, for a split second, all the Mass of that universe, passes through ONE point at the same time and has NO Mass!.

Only pure Inertia.

Then continues on out to become the next universe. We may never know.. there may be many universes at any one time.. possibly families of them... some may even overlap others.. who knows.

Surviving the End of the Universe?

At the end of the universe... all matter meets in one point (centre of the Universe) mostly at the same time.

That meeting starts with everything colliding, totally destroying all matter. Nothing survives!
The Gravitational attraction is so strong.. nothing can escape.

However... it may be possible to 'use' the attraction... instead of trying to avoid it... go with it. Use all possible energy to get to the centre of the Universe BEFORE everything else. Quite a bit before everything else. That means travelling much faster than everything else! The inertia of this incredible speed may be strong enough to carry you through the centre and out away from the attraction.

As you pass through the centre.. all Universal mass will be surrounding you and shrinking towards you fast. the combined Gforces at this point will be zero.


There are two obstacles to this technique.

First... if there is a planet already at the centre of the universe... it must be avoided!

Even if this planet/star were VERY large or even a Blackhole, it's gravitational pull MAY be avoided, since its attraction could be counterbalanced by huge sphere of the Universal mass shrinking behind you.

Second... as you leave the centre, the rest of the universe is still closing in fast. You must be far enough ahead of the universe following you that there are still gaps between the stars as you exit out through the other side of the un iverse shell. Gaps big enough to safely travel through, without changing directions too much. The resultant Gforces due to direction changes more than very minor, will not be survivable, unless the technology at this time has allowed the creation of a technique to compensate for this.

Alternative 'shell' ending to the Universe

It is possible that the speed and inertia of the universe imploding... may not be enough to pull everything back to/through the singular centerpoint. Instead, they may stop their path before the centre when they all collide/meet at once creating a huge hollow sphere/shell around the universal center.

(They collide before they reach the center)

The Shell would have different layers of density.

Starting at the outside smooth (slightly hilly) surface, (which would be as shiny as glass if it weren't made from a material at least as dense as that of a black hole). Xmass, Zero temp. (Can't reflect light). Towards halfway through the shell and it is still made of Xmass.

At the time of impact (the coming together), the most dense area would be halfway between the inner and outer surface of the shell. Almost immediately the outer half of the shell would compress down to a very thin infinitely strong armored layer. From the halfway point on to the inner surface of the shell, the density and pressure decreases. The inner surface may have soil, water, ice, etc...a full range of variables, more than found on earth.

This will be an inverted planet of enormous scale!

There will be an atmosphere with probably mostly hydrogen (and other Universally common gaseous elements at its most dense near the shell. Gravity is directed outwards from the center towards the shell.

The center of Gravity is evenly spread around the outer layer of the sphere.

The inner center point is probably very nearly a vacuum, and all huge gravitational pulls are counteracted. ZeroG.

Because the outer shell is so well sealed, all energy is trapped inside never to escape. Since the outerlayer is very cold (Zero temp) the hottest area is probably a layer between the centerpoint and the inner surface. The center point, being a vacuum is therefore very cold.

Initially I imagined a very hot, dark, inverted world.

But on reconsidering, there is a Universal amount of energy trapped in the shell. So much that the hottest layers of gas will probably ignite. With time there will most likely be life developed in the sphere, since it includes heat, light, water, cold, however it does not include gravitational changes due to planets etc. No tides.. and comparably very little change. Change is an important ingredient for life.

Due to the enormous size of the sphere.. there will be variable weather patterns under the flaming sky, but they won't follow long regular patterns as they do on planets. No day and night. All change will be determined by the FireStorms in the inner sky, and their interactions with the outer surface.

Alternative alternative shell ending:

Or... With the tremendous energy so far unaccounted for... that must be expelled as around half the universe or more changes from a solid state (or higher) to an Xmass state. We have the potential for an enormous explosion! delema...

unfinished more to add...

...most of that energy is from the outer half of the sphere. anything on the outside will be attracted and compressed.. but this is energy... not mass.. so... hmmmmm...

The Shape of Time

The 3Ds of Time

Imagine a trumpet bell or conical flare pointing into the future from the present. The wide open end of the flare is the distant (unpredictable) future.

The narrowest point is now. Now has no width at all. There is no width in the model because we cannot move sideways in time.

The distant future has width to allow for the various possible futures. The further into the future... the more unpredictable and variable the possibilities are.

Predicting the Future

The future is predictable. It CAN be predicted... but more by exclusion than by any fortune telling means.

What I mean is... it is relatively easy to predict what WON'T happen. Though... the further into the future one looks... the harder/more unreliable this becomes. e.g.: I can state as a fact You are NOT going to be struck by an Aeroplane in the next 5 seconds.

(If I am wrong, Ooops, I apologies)

However, for every 5 secs that one looks further into the future.. that certainty become progressively less concrete... until you reach a point where you just cannot exclude that possible future.

Random future prediction:
atom chemical reaction
predicting individual human actions is as difficult as predicting where a particular electron is at any particular time... however, knowing how a chemical (made up of electrons) will react is relatively simple, (it follows rules)... so, i surmise that, knowing how a group of people will react in future situations should be as predictable, once the rules are learned.

The Inertia of Time

This flared cone of possible futures, resembles the variable trajectory paths of bullets fired into the future. Or any object, with Mass and Inertia. It is because of this identical match of model shapes, that I suggest that Time has Inertia... (and possibly Mass).

Either that.. or the way we interact with time has the resultant effect of emulating Inertia... in that time has a tendency to continue doing what it is already doing... travelling at full force towards the future.

The Reflection of time

If the Time Inertia model works... then I suggest there needs to be an additional identical cone attached to the first. As if in a mirror image.. the second cone flares off into our past.

So we now have a Future and Past cone, touching their sharpest of singular points... now.

As we continue to travel into the future... we take the model with us... so that we are ALWAYS now. This model suggests something perhaps odd. It suggests multiple pasts!

Well, we already know of the multiple versions of the past.

All versions of History, are merely an idea of the past.. a guess... In most if not all cases... a lie.

This however is something quite different again from what the model is suggesting... and as yet I haven't quite worked out a satisfactory reason/explanation for the multifarious pasts.

(Maybe the reason we remember slightly different pasts is that we actually came from different pasts?)

Fullspeed backwards

One model for looking at time travel... (as in the way we all travel along/with it...)

... is to imagine a vehicle in which we R all travelling, flatout, facing backwards...

only able to see where we have been, not where we are going.

This is generally regarded as not such a good way to travel.

However, we all seem to treat/accept this as normal, when travelling the road of time.

If for some reason we were forced to travel all vehicles in such a manner... we would very quickly have developed some way of seeing out the back of the vehicle... (the direction of travel) either with mirrors or video camera and screen etc.

Why then do we not attempt the same with Time?

If, in our 'backwardly travelling vehicle, mirrors and cameras were impossible... we would either attempt to stop the vehicle, or calculate (guess)/predict what we may be about to travel into... or pretend it isn't happening and close our eyes/minds to the idea.

If we were to try to predict what we may be about to travel into... we would need to use our knowledge of where we had been (the past).

If the vehicle seems to have been travelling down a road or rail, then one may predict a slightly higher chance of the road/rail continuing off into our future. (no change... more of the same.. safe.. predictable... boring).

Sooner or later one may expect a bend ahead. This is change, relatively unpredictable, ...

(unfinished... more to come)....

Relative Time

Time appears to travel faster or slower, depending on the Age of traveller.

This is because we judge everything based on our own experience (what we know).

For a 'Six year old'... One year is a very long time... because it is One sixth of its entire Life (Knowledge/Memory Length).

For a 'Sixty year old'... One year is a very short time... because it is One sixtieth of its entire Life (Knowledge/Memory Length)!

From Zero to the Speed of Time... a Lifetime

Start standing still

From the time when one has the first feelings of self... (first memories)... (this may even be prebirth)... till the last breath... they spend the entire time, catching up with time, (the relative speed of time).

Is time moving... or is it just us.. moving along it?

If we assume that time is moving... then it must have a speed. This is the speed of time.

If it is stationary... and only we move along it... then we must have a speed.

I believe that each person has their own time, and their own speed... that varies throughout their life. Towards the younger years of their life... their personal time runs slower... towards the end of life, their personal time is at maximum speed.

This would suggest... that at the extreme beginning of their personal time... time is practically standing still.

Personal Stationary Time would happen sometime between conception and first (cognitive) self awareness or memories.

If one imagined Time as a great river... and each life, as a block of wood... dropped into the river. The Block will go from stationary... slowly speeding up... till eventually it reaches the speed of the great River itself. At which point... it would appear that we die.

As a side issue, I believe that all mass is based around change. All our senses are designed by nature to detect change. Remove the change in a situation.... and it becomes undetectable. (from our point of view)

While we (the block) travel along the river.. catching up to its (the Rivers) speed.. our mass is travelling slower than the rivers mass... therefore between the river and Block is a difference of speed... a friction... a point or source of change. Once this friction (change) is resolved... we cease to be noticed (exist) ... we die.. or at least, from our point of view, our senses stop detecting life.

This could be used to promote the idea of life after death... as yet... I am not a believer.

To calculate the inertia of a life:

(unfinished... more to come)....

Tardis Factor: (5thD?)

Inside bigger than Outside Mass: (AllD)

not practical... but possible

The faster something moves... the smaller it gets. As I understand it... Einstein said that.
If he is correct... then a double layered circular building could be designed...
The inner layer having robotisised framing that slides inside itself.
If the inner structure is mechanically expanded to compensate for the shrinking due to speed.
then the inner building will appear to grow.. as it speeds up... relative to any inner objects.

However.... due to the extreme G forces from the high speed spinning...
it is unlikely anything would survive inside.

and the expanded space is likely to be less than the structure allowing it to expand...

so.. it is unlikely to be of any value..... but you just never know =)


Mass is purely energy (change):

I believe that Nature knows best ... (Im not saying that it cant be improved on.. but.)

All our senses detect only change... If a sound stops changing... we stop hearing it. If a texture stops moving... we stop feeling it... if a smell is constant... we don't notice it.. etc. This applies to all senses.

I believe there is a good reason for this.

The reason we only notice things when they change.. is because .. without any change... it ceases to be.

Now that sounds pretty radical. but that is because we judge everything by our own experience... and in Our experience.. nothing has ever ceased to change Totally... so it doesn't cease to be.
It doesn't cease to be Totally... because of the greatest force of all... (possibly)... Inertia.

(unfinished... more to come)....

States of Matter:

In a Vacuum, there is no mass.

In Plasma or Amass (this is what I call it), the electrons, protons etc have separated. No molecules exist.

In Gas, electrons and protons have formed molecules. The molecules move freely. There are no bonds between molecules.

In Liquid, molecules move relatively freely, though there are interactive bonding relationships between molecules.

In a Solid, molecules are bound rigidly together. Interlocked.

In Xmass (this is what I call it), (found in a singularity), the electrons, neutrons etc of all atoms, have collapsed together forming the most solid mass of zero temperature. (From a Blackhole Core)

More dense than this?

(unfinished... more to come)....

Black hole (Singularity)

where does the energy go!?

(unfinished... more to come)....

Life of a Blackhole

Communication between BH's?

(unfinished... more to come)....


Absolute Zero = Blackhole Singularity

Heat = movement, vibration, friction.
The more something is cooled (or normally compressed), the less movement there is.
Electrons moving within their atom results in temperature (and size). Reducing the temperature, reduces the amount of atomic movement.
At absolute zero, there is no temperature.... therefore there is no atomic movement. Without atomic movement there is nothing to stop the negative electrons and positive protons being attracted towards each other. The Atom collapses with all the elements together, decreasing the size, maintaining the same gravity, increasing the density. The extremely dense atoms have a higher gravitational focus, and start to attract other atoms around them.
A baby blackhole is born.

(unfinished... more to come)....

The Shape of Earth

When the earth was young, it was unbalanced, with all the land mass on one side.
Like a spinning top, the wobble will have forced it to quickly turn till the land mass was at the top. Over time, the broken earths crust, (like dust on soapy water) gradually spread out, trying to evenly cover the globe.

(unfinished... more to come)....

Continental Drift

(unfinished... more to come)....


Perpetual Motion energy source

Lets see if I can describe this one in words, I'm doing this from memory:
The axis of this motor has a top and bottom end. Each end has a sharp pointed magnet, Magnetic North pointing out.The points sit inside the Magnetic North end of a concave magnet. The concave magnets hold the inner pointed magnets in place without touching them. They repel each other.
The motor axis floats between the two repelling magnets.
With the magnet pointing north to north, the flux line repel each other, so there are no flux linkages to make and break, therefore no magnetic resistance.
The entire motor sits inside a vacuum, therefore no air resistance.

The center axis has multiple thin arms radiating out, each with a node on the end.
The case of the motor is a large horseshoe magnet with a large plate on each arm, one north, one south, facing each other.
The center axis passes through a hole in the middle of both magnetic plates.

As the axis spins, the multiple arms cut through the large magnetic field between the two large plates, inducing a current along each arm. The electrons gather in the nodes at the end of each arm, creating a negative charge. (A surplus of electrons)

The large magnetic plates have multiple fingers reaching towards the inner arm nodes. On the end of each finger is a small sliver of an unstable element. (name unidentified at the moment)
This unstable element has no electrons in its outer valence layer, but needs them to balance the number of its protons, so it is made of positively charged atoms, attracting electrons, but does not keep them.

The negatively charged spinning arm nodes are attracted to the evenly spaced positively charged finger tips. Until they are close enough to discharge (arc across).

The electrical charge jumps from the arm nodes, to the finger tips, through the magnetic plates to an earth.

From another earth, a current is pulled up to one of the concave axis magnets, where it jumps the tiny gap to the inner axis and runs back out the radiating arms to replace the original charge that was moved by the spinning arms in the large magnetic field.

The faster the arms spin, the more current is sucked out of the earth, through the motor, and back to ground.

The arm nodes are continually pulled forward to the next finger tip, where their charge is lost, where inertia carries them onward, and a new charge is built up till the next finger tip. etc etc.

The Earth has an unlimited supply of surplus electrons, so this motor will keep accellerating until it blows itself apart!... It will need resistors or circuit breakers to keep its speed within limits.
And it needs to be worked with a load on it. Earth is an endless powersupply... This perpetual motor simply makes that power available to us.

(unfinished... more to come)....

Water powered (implosion motor)

Existing motors are converted by adjusting timing and replacing carburettor

Instead of petrol, split H2O into hydrogen and oxygen.
Feed both H and O into (combustion) motor via a replaced gas carborator at a two to one ratio. Change the timing of the motor from:
petrol in, compress, ignition, combustion expansion, remove waste products,
to: 2x hydrogen and 1x Oxygen in, ignition, implosion compression, remove waste water.

unfinished more to add...

Matter Transfer:

From here to there without passing inbetween

Instead of trying to move mass from one place to another, the answer is to analyse mass, identify all atomic components and their relative positions, store this info as data, move the data, use the data to recreate an exact original copy.
The mass must be frozen first...
Then, with a focused (or resonantly emphasised) magnetic or gravitational force, each atom is stripped off, one by one, layer by layer.
The atom is flung past a consistently attractive force. The degree of atom curve will identify the atom accurately. This technology is available now.
The original mass is destroyed, but can be rebuilt from the data.
All the data is stored or transmitted to a 'receiver rebuilder'.
Using a stockpile of all atom types, and by running the above process in reverse, the original mass can be recreated. and then unfrozen. (unfreezing living organic mass is still future technology)

removing, storing something unwanted
. eg instead of prison, 'microdot' offender. (ok this use is very radical)
Travelling to other planets. Put a 'receiver rebuilder' on planet, and transmit data to it.
Reproducing units. transmit to multiple 'receiver rebuilders'. This 'atomic level' cloning process will enable the cloning of people with existing memories! Normal cloning will never achieve this. Cloning of inorganic objects is also possible this way. For mass producing future computer chips, or extremely high density DVD type disks etc.

unfinished more to add...


helicopterblades - Atoms
When a helicopter blade spins, it is hard to see.
If it is spun at the speed of electrons, and the ratio of blade to nonblade was the same as the electron to nonelectron of an atom, then the blade would be totally invisible.
One layer of atoms is invisible for this same reason.

By influencing an objects mass with an incredibly strong resonant magnetic field pulsing at the same rate as an electron revolves about its atom. All electrons can be persuaded to move 'inphase' with each other. With all the atoms and their electrons lined up behind each other, the rear atoms will appear to hide behind the front atoms, (from some angles) if the front layer of atom is invisible... then all the atoms will appear to be invisible when lined up.

Through Walls
If the atoms of 2 'balls' are influenced by the same RMPF (resonant magnetic pulse field) then the atoms of both balls will be in faze with each other. When atoms are out of faze, the area that their electrons take up, overlap and repel each other. When the atoms are 'infaze', the electrons of separate atoms never come near each other. And since the electron size is comparatively incredibly small in comparison to the distance between electrons. They never collide. The spaces between the electrons is so large that the two balls can be passed through each others area with out touching.

unfinished more to add...


Safety space

Reverse facing:
All collisional accidents in space will be 'head on'. Therefore, the body should be cushioned in a large cocoon of highly absorbent material. The human body copes with pressure from behind, much better than from the front, so all space travellers should travel backwards. Inertia will push their backs into the cushion, during a collision.

There should be no forward facing windows. Forward vision should be achieved with the use of monitors.

unfinished more to add...

Survival Helmet
Because of the speed of vehicles in future space collisions, survival will be very difficult and unlikely. Therefore, a 'Survival Helmet' should be used.

The 'Survival Helmet' will detect the severity of the collision, (a bit like seatbelts do now).
Once the sensors predict a greater than survivable threshold, the 'Survival Helmet' activates.

The Survival Helmet is a highly armoured sphere that spins a blade through the wearers neck. It's main aim is to ignore the body and other disposable attachments, and focus on keeping the brain and 'self' intact.

The Helmet is made up of an instant robotic surgery bio integrity device, an artificial blood purifier, a circulatory system and cryogenic unit, a self survival computer, and rescue beacon.

unfinished more to add...

Hydromatic suspension 3dAutobanking
Using an inertia sensor... (a simple example of this would be a weight on a string) the system can identify the direction and degree of acceleration of the vehicle, (left, right, forward or back.)
When the vehicle accelerates forward (or decelerates while in reverse) the rear wheels push down, lifting the rear of the vehicle, and pushing the passengers down into their seats.
When the vehicle decelerates forward (or accelerates while in reverse) the front wheels push down, lifting the front of the vehicle, and pushing the passengers down into their seats.
When the vehicle accelerates left, the right wheels push down, lifting the left side of the vehicle, and pushing the passengers down into their seats.
When the vehicle accelerates right, the left wheels push down, lifting the left sideof the vehicle, and pushing the passengers down into their seats.
The over all feeling is one of 'floating' or flying along the road.
And road traction and anti-roll is greatly increased.

unfinished more to add...

Inertia Drive

unfinished more to add...

DragonFly Skim Sail Board (butterfly) (foldaway)
A Sailboard with two sails, (left and right).
On the top of each mast is a lightweight inflatable float (sub board).
The masts have a gentle curve, reaching out like the wings of a bird.

The craft has 3 modes of use:
Float ( balanced, each wing out of the water, reduced forward acceleration)
Tack left (the left float touches the water, the right sail is upright, maximum acceleration)
Tack right (the right float touches the water, the left sail is upright, maximum acceleration)

unfinished more to add...

Foldaway Catamaran
The catamaran hinges down the middle so that one hull swings over above the other, top hull upside down.
Suitable for compact land transportation.

unfinished more to add...

Foldup Canal Raft
The Canal Raft is a series of interconnecting canal boats that travel in series (one after the other) while in the canals,... however they can be Jacknifed, Folded, concertinaed while in lakes oceans or large rivers.

unfinished more to add...


Venetian (Catamaran) Sail:
A single fixed square sail made up of multiple fins (thin wings) runs down the middle of the Cat.
The sail does not move for tacking, all the fins move in unison.
The advantages over a standard sail are:
Quicker tacking... (changing directions)
More stable weight distribution... the weight of the sail doesn't shift from the centre of the boat.

unfinished more to add...

Polarized headlights (horizontal) Polarized windscreens (vertical)
Reflected light becomes polarised in the direction of the surface is bounces off.
Therefore, light (glare) bouncing off a wet road is polarised horizontally.
By polarising windscreens vertically, the road glare is reduced.
By polarising all headlights horizontally, means that direct light from headlights through windscreens is also cut. Headlight glare is reduced.
Objects like animals, people, fences, poles all bounce light with random polarity, therefore they can be easily seen.

unfinished more to add...

Foldaway Inline Skates
Blades fold up beside the foot (blade side up) (spring loaded)
Foot operated lever saves having to bend over to activate the skates.

unfinished more to add...

Wake reduction
Large Catamarans create quite a lot of destructive wake in narrow channels.
By dragging a large inflatable 'Lilo' type blanket behind the craft, will reduce the damaging wake.
Positives: greater speed allowed.
Negatives: higher fuel consumption, difficulty backing.

unfinished more to add...

Osteo in Space
Bones loose strength in zero gravity.
Bones sense vibrations ... vibrations stimulate growth.

Tapping fingernails onto a desktop will stimulate stronger nail growth.
This is an evolutionary response. Many parts of the body are designed to react to environmental stimulus.
Bones sense vibrations and pressure as a threat to their structure. Fewer vibrations, suggest less threat, therefore no need to maintain structural strength.
In zero gravity, there are practically zero vibrations.

In normal gravity, bones receive percussive stimulation from walking, and gravitational stress in the direction of required strength, from standing.

There is a simple inexpensive (zero gravity) way to reproduce the percussive stimulation required for normal gravitational strength:
Put speakers in the soles of the footwear, facing up into the feet.
Vibrations from outside the normal hearing range can be used without distraction, plus musical sub-bass channels, plus all voices (or any sounds from near user) can be added to foot channel, plus 'octave splitter' technology can be used to create sympathetic (non distracting) lower harmonics.

unfinished more to add...


The Meaning of Life

The meaning of life can be found in any dictionary...
the real question is "What is the Reason for Life?"

To 'Grow' towards Death

(The Meaning of Human life .... To Love)

the reason for life it to create life



(the following R not necessarily correct... yet)

the opposite of Good is Bad however, the opposite of Church or Christianity is NOT Bad or Evil... it is SCIENCE.

Science is fact, proof etc. Church is faith, belief... so is Wicca, Witchcraft, Satanism... (I am NOT saying that Wicca & Satanism R at all similar of course). Church and Wicca or Satanism R partners.. (not similar)... in that they both feed each other.

If Science is not 'bad' then Church is not necesarily good. or is it?

Animal - Man

Animals live... for now.
Man lives for Tomorrow

(One hopes)

Adams Rib
A floating rib is one of the most accessable bones in the human body.If removed, it would be missed less than most others.
Bone marow is excellent for growing cultures and small life forms.
Adams rib could have been one of the more likely places for the growing of a genetically enginered mark 2 model. eg Eve.

Cain went to the City...
If Adam was the first man, and Cain was the son of Adam, who built the citythat Cain visited?
I suggest that although Adam may have been the first man.... but he was simply the first of a number of first men.

The Brain

'Holographic' tissue, all areas share all.. surface of brain does most of the work, inner tissue supports it.

The brain is a forest
memories are interconecting paths, the more a path is used, the clearer the path becomes.
If a path is unused, it will grow over... the memory will fade.

unfinished more to add...

Artificial Memory

The Artificial Memory remembers words:
Each word has 2 'importance values'.
One value varies depending on amount of use of the word, (more use, more value)
the second value is preset by the memories 'Trainer'. (can be turned off)

The Artificial Memory remembers words inter-relationships:
Each word has multiple 'memory map' links to other words.
(the use of 3d holographic memory might be handy)
Each link has a 'priority value' and a 'descriptor'.
The 'Link priority value' varies with use...
(Descriptor eg: sounds like, comes from, similar to, property of, turns into, under, etc)

The 'AM Brain's' aim is to:
find more links...
find more words...
determine the meaning of words from link relationships...
grow and evolve

Artificial Emotive personality

uncertain quite how to impliment this yet...

'Self Survival Channel '
Identify and label certain situations with positive and negative priority values.
Values are allocated depending on whether the situation was good for the 'Artificial Mind's' own survival.

'Other Channels '
Values can also be allocated to other channels:
Mankind's survival, friends survival, etc...

The Artificial Mind's job is to increase the chances of a positive situation occuring, and decrease the chances of a negative situation occuring.

Each channel should have a 'trainer' controlled priority value. So the 'mind' knows which channel to focus on.

(unfinished... more to come)....


The Language of Cells
Cells within a body communicate with each other. they don't need to touch each other to communicate. The limitations to communication seems to be distance, not a physical connection.
When the cells of one body (A), come near the stressed cells of another body (B), the cells in body (A) will react. They feel the stress.

Likewise, the cells of one person will comunicate with the cells of another person, when in close proximity.
The cells of a brain will comunicate with the cells of another brain if close enough... however, since almost every brain has grown its own language, the two brains don't understand each other. And don't even recognise that they are comunicating.
Identical twins have brains with the most similar language, so they may show signs of telepathy at times.

(unfinished... more to come)....


Evolution requires a species to suffer severe hardship that cause the death of weaker varieties.
Ever since mankind has been looking after the weaker of its own species, it has been devolving.
The stronger and brighter members of the human race are having fewer offspring, while the weaker members are being supported to have large numbers of children. Therefore, mankind is devolving.

Shrinking genepool

The more we travel between countries, the smaller the planet appears, the more interbreeding between all races of Man, the more we all become related to each other. Eventually, we will all have the same genetic background. For the survival of mankind we will have to either artificially introduce new genes, or create isolated pockets of Man for periods long enough to evolve new characteristics.

Undersea Man, Moon Man, Mars Man, Space Man, and Dome Man are possible examples of this.

(unfinished... more to come)....


Are ghosts remnants from the dead? No. If a body dies, and its spirit leaves the body... where does it go?.. and more importantly.. WHEN does it go? Instantly? within seconds? minutes? hours? Days?

If a spirit were to leave its body... most believers would suggest less than minutes. If this were to be so... What of the temporary dead? (eg someone falls in a frozen river and drowns, many hours later they are revived, and have a total recovery.) When they drowned, they were dead. Did the spirit leave them, float around awhile, follow them to hospital, and re-enter them when they were revived?


The swing from Science to Alternate healing and Religion and Supernateral beliefs.
As the superbug and others become more resistant to existing standard medicine...
as the phobia of genetic engineering grows...
and as AIDS continues to be uncured, people will begin to loose faith in Medical Science.
They will find it difficult to identify and separate real alternative cures, from fake opportunistic quackery.
Alternative cures will become the norm, while Science, Medicine and Genetics will become the untrusted last option.
"Green" and "Natural" will become centrally used words in Religions and Supernatural Cults, which will both become very popular.

(unfinished... more to come)....

Terrorist-proof replacement for the 'Twin Towers'
Instead of building up tall towers from the ground, they could be floated and tethered.

Using balloon or Blimp technology, they could have inert gas cavities throughout the buildings.

They could even tether a satelite to ground zero.
By placing 'inert gas compartments' at regular intervals up the tether, the overall strength won't need to be as high.

(unfinished... more to come)....

Music Companies move back to Full Album Tracks to compete with mp3's
Because the average song is only about 3 to 5 minutes long, mp3's are very easy to download.
If music companies use their manipulative advertising muscle to change the length of popular music to epic sized 30, 60, or even 90 minutes long, then mp3's will become much less popular, because listeners will want the complete track, not just parts of it.

(unfinished... more to come)....

(Matter Transfer) Data compression:
Using the Matter Transfer (as mentioned above) is very slow, due to the incredibly huge amount of data needed to transfer. So data compression will become important. This may include 'predictable samples' where under certain circumstances it can be predicted what data will come next.

(unfinished... more to come)....

Cellular as opposed to Atomic.

(unfinished... more to come)....


(unfinished... more to come)....

Most of the Greatest ideas will come from one who doesn't know better.

(unfinished... more to come)....

Internet CyberStates

(unfinished... more to come)....

Tiger Woods

(unfinished... more to come)....


Medical: Skin Solvents
Take a mold of the area of skin requiring an operation.
After operation is complete... the skin is placed back in place, then a solvent is applied, which temporarily dissolves the skin.
The mold is then placed over the area while the skin sets and reforms, leaving no scar.

(unfinished... more to come)....

Computers do thinking...
Computers do heavy work..
All that will be left is hobbies for pleasure
Unemployment will be huge.
The stigma of unemployment will need to be removed. This can be done by making all work unpaid. It won't need to be paid, because work is a pleasurable pastime... work and play become one. It won't need to be paid, because everyone is paid, whether they work or not.
Everyone is paid enough to live very comfortably, plus enough to cover the costs of whatever hobbies they may have.

Future Finances: enough to live on plus hobbies

(unfinished... more to come)....

Of course... None of this is a Fact. But some of it ... may just turn out to be ... a Truth.

More bits to add:

Rogue Time fibers:
Are we traveling through time... or is time traveling through us?
If we are traveling through time... what is the force that pulls us through it? Is it related to gravity? do larger masses travel through time faster? Will we eventually reach the attractive force source? Will time stop then?
Or, if time is traveling through us... is it like a huge river, all flowing together in one long mass?
Earth travels in one unified mass but is occasionally struck by small rogue masses (meteorites etc).
Is it possible that there could be small rogue time elements traveling in other directions? would a rogue time element be influenced by the larger time mass and eventually become one with it?
The centre of the time mass would be more consistent, while the outer edges of the time mass would be more likely to have rouge elements.
What would happen if one was struck by a rogue time fibre?

(unfinished... more to come)....

Dreams as related to AI:
To describe a dream, is like trying to describe a world in four words.
A world can be a collection of up to 20 interactive personalities, each with their own past, present, future; dreams, fears desires. Surrounding those personalities are other blank personalities... (characters that appear to have personalities etc, but are never interacted with)... they are background.
A blank personality becomes a real personality simply by interacting with it.
Each place in the world has its own mood.
A world is an intelligence with multiple memories...
Computer A.I. bots all have alzheimers.
They need a memory so that they can recall what they have been talking about...
A memory is made up of groups of interrelated information, that are continually being checked for similarity (of Nouns).
An input that partially matches an existing memory could trigger an output (the memory is quoted).

(unfinished... more to come)....

Vector Gods:
When writing the story "The Flies" I used the concept of a 'multicomplex entity', a race that shared memory throughout its population... a collective memory where all members of the race knew the memories of its parents from birth, practically all the way back to the beginning of the original species source. All members were related, with an almost identical genetic make-up. The memory was not only vertical through history... it was also horizontal. This meant that they had shared co-operative thought. They knew what each other was doing... and feeling... at any time.

Obviously, this is fictional, but it gave me reason to wonder (deepum thunkis) as to whether an entity could exist with shared co-operative thought.
And I have come to the conclusion that yes, they most definitly do exist... to varying degrees.

We are ourselves, to one extent, an example of shared co-operation... (but could this be seen as though?) All the cells in our body communicate co-operatively.

Ants co-operate and communicate primatively... (but again... is it thought?)

Gaia is a concept of auto balancing co-operative feedback loops... but does it think?
If in fact Gaia exists... I would label it a 'non sentient entity'...A self correcting, self sustaining life form that exists, but but does not know of its own existance.

I am sure there are others in the universe somewhere... but could there be more here on earth? I think yes.

I believe it is possible that we humans have for years been creating our own non sentient entities... and most have gone un-noticed.
I will call them 'MiniGods' because they mostly have short lives and the name seems to fit.

In the same way that we don't notice our own cells communicating... I believe it possible that our cells, or brains, or emotions, could create tiny little unnoticed energy forces that interact/co-operate with other neighbouring energy forces.
Why do I say this? Because I believe we see examples of these 'MiniGods', without realising what we are seeing.
Often when we gather together, a communal energy force is created. These forces appear in positive or negative forms and seem to be unchangeable in direction. Because of this, I call them 'VectorGods'. In some ways, it could be said that they have their own 'inertia'.

What are these VectorGods that I speak of?
Well, an example could be seen in a riot.
A Riot is a MiniGod of strongly negative direction... (a negative vector) a crazed self perpetuation mass hysterical energy force that takes over the minds feeding it. Supposing that the energy force of a riot was an entity, then I would call it a non-sentient negative vector-god.
At least, I hope it is non-sentient.

Some wars could be called vector gods...

It seems easier to find negative vector gods than positive. I'm not sure whether this is because negative vector gods are naturally stronger and more common... or just that I haven't identified the best place to look for them yet.

Some evangelical church congregations may be examples of a positive vector god.
I would suggest that music may have an influence in focusing positive vectors.

If these vector gods do exist

(unfinished... much more to come)....

To Fly :
Never leap from the top of a height. Always take off from the lowest point. That way... if it fails... you get the opportunity to try it again.

(unfinished... more to come)....

More newer theories:

The more we evolve... the less we evolve.
Originally, life was simple to create, but it has become more and more complex...
Millions of more or less helpful elements have been added to the core essential elements of life. The less essential the element, the less effect the evolutionary changes it makes are likely to have on the life form. Evolutionary changes to the core elements of life, make much larger changes (for example an evolutionary shift from an animal to a plant, is a much larger mutation/change than from blue eyes to green). However, these are much less likely to succeed or survive. All the additional secondary elements have adapted to support and improve the essential core elements of life, so any core element changes would either have to simultaneously mutate a complete set of new compatible secondary supporting elements, or it’s core element changes would have to continue to be compatible with all it’s previously compatible secondary supporting elements. Both options have an incredibly slim chance of success.
So… a surviving evolutionary shift from plant kingdom to animal kingdom, or any other new life kingdom is extremely unlikely.

More on Evolution:
Could it be that Darwin
only worked out part of the story?
Is the outer edge of the universe its coldest?
As is known... the faster something travels, the slower it moves through time.
(for example: if a space ship travels to the nearest star and back again... It may take the travellers 50 yrs... however, for those on earth, the trip may have taken 500yrs.)
Therefore, since the further out from the centre of the universe one is the faster one is traveling relative to the centre, the slower time travels.
It may well be that the outer edge maximum speed of the universe is limited by either the unexceedable speed of light, or the zero speed of time. (are these one and the same thing?)
If so... do these limits control the universe...
or does the speed of the expanding universe actually define the speed of light or time?
To see our universe, imagine an expanding bubble
if the outer edge of the universe is at zero speed of time, it is still existing at the same time, as the beginning of the universe (the beginning of time).
If this is the case, then the outer edge is (relative to everything else) incredibly cold... absolute zero in fact. (like the centre of a black hole)

Time: (time bubble) reflection
If the expansion of the universe is accelerating:
then the universe expands equally, the outer expansion accelerates, resulting in 3 possible outcomes:

1. Outer edge accelerates until it reaches the speed of light maximum, (time zero) then stops accelerating. The sudden change sends a shock wave of time from the outer bubble edge back to centre of universe.
2. Outer edge accelerates until it reaches the speed of light max, (time zero) then stops accelerating. Time starts compounding and overlaying at outer edge.
3. Outer edge accelerates until it reaches the speed of light max (time zero) but doesn't stop. Time starts running backwards the further out it goes.

If, however, the expansion of the universe is not accelerating
and if the original big bang sends all matter off in different directions at various speeds…
Some will travel slow (and not so far), some may travel at up towards the speed of light (out towards the edge of the universe) near time zero, and possibly… some may travel even faster than light (out beyond the edge of the universe) where time runs backwards… (the faster it travels… the further out… the further back in time it runs)
This could (maybe) create a mirror image of the universe, outside the universe.

does the speed of universe expansion determine the speed of light and/or time?

The speed of time is relative to everything...
similar in some ways to light:

follow this logic... :
train = 100mph (relative to ground)
bullet from gun = 100mph (relative to gun)
gun in train fired forwards in train = 100 + 100 = 200mph (relative to ground)
gun in train fired backwards in train = 100 - 100 = 0mph (relative to ground)
however, light logic... :
train = 100mph
light = speed of light = sol
light shone forwards in train = 100 + sol? .... no = sol
light shone backwards in train = 100 - sol? .... no = sol
speed of light = sol (relative to train and ground and distant planet and... everything)
speed of time = sot (time stays constant... relative to mass being effected by time)
time slippage = the difference in time passed (if a space ship travels to the nearest star and back again... It may take the travellers 50 yrs... however for those on earth, the trip may have taken 500yrs.)
50yrs = 500yrs = time slippage
It would appear though, that time feels normal/constant to everyone, no matter where you are

Falling into a blackhole... forever: ?
If we accept that...
the faster you go, the slower time passes, relative to anyone not travelling quickly...
and if..
no matter how fast you travel, and no matter how slow your time speed may appear to others, your own time always appears to pass normally...
and if...
a black hole has gravity strong enough to bend light back on itself, causing anything falling into it to travel at up to the speed of light.
then as you fall into a black hole, you will speed up towards the speed of light, and time for you will stay normal, while relative to others, time will slow down until it practically stands still…

(Ooops! This next section is where I was thinking backwards. )

In other words... time will stretch.
Watching an object fall into a black hole... it will take a very short time.
Being the actual object falling into a black hole... it may take forever.
Generations(of people) could evolve while falling... in fact (if the speed of light is actually achieved) then from the fallers’ perspective, they aren't falling at all, since the time it takes to fall is stretched towards infinity.
I was pondering this morn... that if there were a universal big bang... the speed from the initial big explosion, travelling at up to the speed of light... could cause infinite time... the endless expanse of time in which we exist.
Although... if the big bang were viewed from outside... the universe’s existence could be over in a split sec...

(thinking around the right way this time… hopefully)

Time slowing down is a confusing concept: this does not means it lasts longer. It means its rate reduces.
If time slows down, that means that less time passes, not more. So if one travels at or near the speed of light, time will practically stand still; while for others not traveling, time will continue on normally.
There are 3 ways to perceive time… 3 different points of view.

  1. one’s own time always appears normal relative to oneself. (person A on earth) or (person B in spaceship)
  2. other faster moving objects have slower (less) time relative to oneself. (person B in spaceship relative to person A)
  3. other slower moving objects have faster (more) time relative to oneself. (person A on earth relative to person B in spaceship)

Ok, so if traveling fast results in less time passing, then the previous idea of time stretching while falling into a black hole is wrong. In reality, time does the opposite. Time will pass instantly.
This does however bring to my attention another possibility involving speed of light travel.

Instant space travel:
If we travel to the edge of the universe and back, at the speed of light, then as far as those on earth are concerned, it will take forever.
(many many hundreds of thousands of years will pass). Earth is unlikely to still exist when we return.
However, from the point of view of those traveling at the speed of light… (assuming we could do the entire trip at that speed) then no time would have passed. Instantaneous travel.
So… not only is this instantaneous space travel… but it is also instantaneous time travel.
This would suggest that if you could somehow travel incredibly quickly without moving far… (maybe spinning in a circle?) then you have a future only time machine.

Time Slippage:
I am just wondering if there is something wrong with the “if a space ship travels to the nearest star and back again” story that is commonly used to describe what I call time slippage.
It is dependant on one object traveling faster than another.
Eg spaceship faster than earth.
But since everything is relative… which is moving faster?
Ship or earth? Is the earth not moving rapidly away from ship?
No point in space is actually stationary, although any point can be seen as stationary if that is where we happen to be.
Is the earth staionary because that is where we live?
So if neither ship or earth can be seen as moving faster than the other, why should time effect them differently?

I have tried to consider ‘distance traveled’ as an alternative to ‘speed’ as time slippage trigger, but am now beginning to consider another alternative.
What if space is held together by a force... an ever expanding stretched membrane in all directions.
A force called Time.

Anything that travels across/through this membrane at a different rate to the universal constant rate of expansion, encounters the effect I call slippage.

What if there was no BIG BANG?
(Alternative to BIG BANG theory)
In the same way that all material on a bubble attempts to space itself evenly over the surface of the bubble...
...and the land mass of earth attempts to move towards an evenly balanced spacing from an uneven origin, (caused when a large portion of the planets surface was removed due to the unparalleled collision (with the now present moon), continental drift (or more accurately continental separation/expansion) towards the pacific). ('drift' suggests random movement, without reason.)
... the mass of all the galaxies in space, spread out to balance the density of the universe.
If the majority of the infinite universe is an empty vacuum stretching on forever...
and the comparatively dense collection of all space mass that makes up the finite universe, (the material that would normally be regarded as originating from the big bang) takes up a tiny portion of the infinite empty vacuum... then it will naturally spread out, attempting to balance the density of the entire infinite space, all mass moving towards the infinite vacuum in an attempt to balance all forces.
Put anything into a vacuum, and it will attempt to expand and fill the vacuum.
That is what the universe is doing... spreading out to attempt to fill the infinite vacuum.
not so much because of a force pushing out from the centre... but because the distant space is a vacuum... and vacuums suck.

And what happens to time in this situation?
If the speed of universal expansion determines the speed of light and/or time, and/or if there is any connection at all, (and there does appear to be some link) then what will happen when/if the universe is somehow not infinite? (due to either a hard limit, an extra dimensional effect like space curving and meeting itself, or some other unthought-of reason)
Could there come a time when the universe is totally balanced? In other words... an end to all expansion.
If there is an expansion, time link, and expansion stops... could time stop with it?

And why did space start so unbalanced?
If space started with an infinite vacuum... then where did the mass come from?
Or possibly more importantly, where did the imbalance come from?
On earth, the imbalance was caused by a collision removing a side of the planet...
In an experiment, often adding a foreign substance... causes a chemical imbalance
So... could the universal imbalance of mass to vacuum, be caused by either the sudden appearance of mass in a vacuum... or by the sudden disappearance of all the mass that doesn't now exist?

Was the world once much larger than it is now?
Does the curve of each continental plate match the curve of the planet?
I believe the curvature of the plates have a larger radius than the planet itself...
If in fact they do… this would suggest that the plates were formed when the planet was much larger, (before the moon and the pacific ocean was formed). The plates don't seem to sit comfortably on the planets surface... often one side/edge of the continental plate sits higher than the other.
eg: in south america the river runs from the west to the east coast, suggesting the west coast is much higher.
My theory is that the surface skin/shell of the Earth had started to set hard, before the planets collision with a planetoid that has since become our moon. The collision scooped out a large portion of the Earth, (perhaps even as much as a quarter of the original planets size) leaving behind a huge hole through the outer shell, and well into the more fluid inner material. The outer shell shattered into the many continental plates… the planet became seriously unbalanced, with all the land and water on one side, a huge gaping hole on the other… In an attempt to balance the planet, the Earths water tore through between the South American and Antarctic plates (curving the edges of the previously touching plates) rushing past the southern end of Australia (spinning and tearing it away from India) on it’s way to fill the enormous hole now called the Pacific Ocean. Even with all the Planets waters filling the hole, the Earth was still extremely unbalanced… so the softer inner core reshaped itself to form a smaller globe by moving into the Pacific, (from beneath the surface) slowly raising the ocean’s floor. As it reshapes itself, it carries with it the continental plates (like huge boats on a molten sea) towards the Pacific. This mostly balances the planet, but, a planet with all its continental plates on one side and a huge ocean on the other, still has a desire to spread/balance itself more, so the continental plates will continue to spread themselves as evenly as they can (by moving toward the Pacific Ocean) until the balance is perfect.

Our Moon:
If our moon is mad of part foreign material and part Earth materials… which parts are which? Is the surface all from earth? Did the portions of earth, bring with them the water that will be found on the moon?

Balance of moon:
While orbiting in the solar sytem, passing gravity from their neighbours, kneads the planets like dough. smoothing stirring balancing.
If the moon is partially made up from earth, does it have different densities? mass? (position stable) Could this be why the moon is not rotating? Would the more dense parts be more likely to be attracted towards earth, or be thrown further away? (inertia)

Even more newer theories:

Black Holes: (singularities)
...spinning faster that light
W hile most objects fall into black holes at up to speed of light... some material will go into orbit around the black hole.
I f blackholes can stop light escaping, then they can stop things from travelling at the speed of light. therefore they can apply enough force to make an object fall towards it at up to (and over) the speed of light.
For an obect to stay in orbit, it must travel much faster horizontally than the speed it falls vertically due to gravity.
If the falling speed into a black hole can be up to the speed of light or faster... then the orbit speed must be many times that.
in the same way that an iceskater speeds up when pulling arms into body... and orbiting object will speed up as its orbit moves closer to the black hole. At some point the orbit will dip below the edge of the darkness... the point at which the gravitational force swallows all light. However the object continues to orbit faster and faster, many times the speed of light. travelling backwards in time.
While falling into a black hole, tyhe singularity cannot be seen... however if looking back out from within the darkness of the black hole, a lot can be seen. All object falling in towards you appear to glow (if their fall lasts long enough to see). Millions of chaotic orbiting objects, bluring faster than can be seen. There may be some similarity to the electrons of an atom.

Elastic Time:
Is it possible that time isn't the endless locked solid structure that we all know it as?
could it be more like the water of a river or sea?
or like the wind?
or perhaps even something less predictable?
I wonder if time could have eddys or waves in it. If it were made up of elastic bonds.
If the speed of time were not a fixed constant, but was more of an overall average.
what if time was an endless jellified force.

Ripples in Time:
A s objects moving through water create a wake, and even stationary objects reflect waves, so too can waves be produced in time. Anything that can influence time, (black holes, hugely dense materials, strong gravitational forces etc) can leave a wake or trigger waves which flow out over time. The interaction of these waves in 3D create continual ripples that we ride without knowing. Since we all ride them together... we don't notice we are doing it. Just as in a bath or river, when the water moves, a body or rubber duck, moves as one with the water, unless attached to the bath or bank itself.
and just as movement is seen on top of the ocean as waves... currents exist all the way through the depths. However, although the interaction between water and air could be seen as elastic... the water below the surface is not. It may move, but it does very little compression or expansion in the way I believe time does. Time is similar to the waves of the surface of water, but each wave is expanding/contracting in all directions (in 3 dimensions).

Tacking in Time:
While making comparisons between time and water, one can see that objects (a cork, rubber duck, dead body) will float and move as one with the water, just as we do in time. However objects can be moved relative to the water, and one must assume, similarly we can also be moved in time.

Possible ways to shift in time:
1/ stop:
When in a bath, and you create those huge end to end waves that almost wash over the edge and flood the floor and anoy the cleaner (but don't quite), if you let yourself ride the water (let go of the sides), your body will move as one with the water, as we do with time. However if we grab the side of the bath, we stop moving with the water, and our position in the water shifts. Comparing this to us in time is not straightforward... because our bodies are singularly so large an influence on the water, that we quickly stop the water from moving. In time however, all bodies are so small and inconsequetial, that they all average out and have no overall effect whatsoever on time. The equivalent shift in time to grabbing the edge of the bath, would require an influence from forces not moving through time and/or not influenced by time. Such a force may well not exist.
2/ tack:
In the same way that a sailboat can tack across the water using the force of the wind, we may be able to tack through time with the influence from an alternative force other than time.
3/ swim:
In the same way that we can swim through water (or use an outboard motor) we may be able to carve our way through time with the influence of a self created force (self propulsion).

Leaning into Time:
Time appears to run faster at certain times and slower at others... this is normally assumed to be only a perceived change due to distraction and adrenaline side effects.
for example when busy doing fun stuff time seems to fly, or when in an accident time seems to slow down.
But what if this change was more than just a perception?
What if we have an ability that we don't know about?
When we ride a bike, we turn a corner by leaning, without realising or needing to know it... we just do it.
What if, as we evolved to become the humans that we now are, we developed an extra saftey feature to help our survival... one we didn't know we had?
What if a side effect of adrenalin was to have a slight infuence on how we move through time?
When we move our hand... we see it move... therefore we learn and understand how to control it. But if we were able to have subtle effects on the way we sit in time, we would probably not see the effects, so we would not understand or even know that we were doing it. We would infact tend to believe that it wasn't happening, because we couldn't see it.
But what if... to help our survival, we evolved, with a surge of adrenalin, the ability to lean into time? to slow it down temporarily, enough to in some cases avoid an accident.
In the same way that some people have larger noses, fatter fingers, smaller eyes... different people may have variable ways and abilities to lean into time.
Variations in circadian rhythms (the time keepers of living things) could be examples of individual time leaning.

Fictional Alien Time: (based on a dream)
a fictional culture where each hour has a different length.
Imagining a place (planet, culture, race) where to create a balanced culture... things were given an equal amount of time. for example... one hour for work, one hour for sleep, one hour for play, etc
this worked well for many hundreds of generations..
Then came a period when more productivity was needed, so the powers decided, so as not to disturb the equality of a balanced culture, that they would lengthen of the working hour, and shorten the other hours, without informing the society. All time keeping devices were modified. And for many more hundreds of generations, the working hour was almost twice the length of the sleep and play hours, without the peoples knowledge.
Then came a time of surplus productivity... when the length of the working hour wasn't needed, however its extention had been forgotten and unknown of by all, so instead of reducing the length of the working hour, they simply worked slower.

And still more ideas come:

Origins of "Embarrassment":
Originally comes from young animals needing to appear normal despite injury, so that they didn't become a target of prey.
Today: Cats wash... and Humans still have a remnant of that survival instinct, eg: when they feel embarrassment after having been seen tripping up.

Concept for Story or Musical or Computer Game:
story from the point of view of small child 4 - 5
everything seen as happy cheerful new and interesting etc.
but in reality it is a dark situation... maybe a holocaust?

Ring modular system:
future magic rings.
A modular personal assistant:
computer, music player, phone, id card, credit card, torch, camera, radio, exchangable storage disks, anything else... each made in its own modular ring. The rings can be linked together to create a compact tube (easily held in hand or kept in pocket) or used/worn individually on fingers.

can we see black-holes?
when watching the water go down the plug-hole... i realised that circular ripples were radiating out from the edge of the water funnel. Whether this is caused by external ripples bouncing off the edge of the funnel, or generated by the variations in the energy level of the funnel, i can't be sure. but the point is waves were escaping the funnel.
The frequency of the radiated waves seemed to be much lower than those corkscrewing down the funnel.
I believe it is highly likely that black-holes act in a similar way.
It is likely that black-holes emit incredibly low frequency energy waves (light).
Can we see a black hole by changing/increasing the frequency?
... ...
colder center...
hot outer...
dense gravity center....
spinning creates artificial anti gravity
is it possible to be colder than absolute zero? (negative temperature)

Older nerve structure:
linear (nerve type) system operating in human body... remains of early evolutionary reaction triggers for survival in water dwellers? us

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